J*Davey- No More (live) Southpaw BK

J*Davey- No More (live) Southpaw BK

J*Davey- No More (live) @ Southpaw BK

I must say that I had a great time at this event, which was buzzing on a night when Talib Kweli had a free outdoor concert, and Flying Lotus also had a free show. As you may have heard Zoe Kravitz and her band Elevator Flight were invited to perform as one of he opening acts…. so that brought out some famous fans of hers including her father Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

But this night was all about J*Davey… building anticipation for their forthcoming album New Designer Drug. I made sure to get a spot at the front of the stage, because I needed to get better footage than last show at SOBS in April. Let’s just say they didn’t disappoint they had a lot of surprises for the audience including Brook’s solo songs, and Miss Jack Davey with a special announcement… you can check the video for more.

Shot and Edited by Akil Bakari
Photos- yeah that was me too lol

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