The Story……
The concept for LUV4ART was born out of dinner conversation with some of my artsy friends, in particular my good friend Cornbread. We were discussing good food, and how it was created… something came up about the term “puttin your foot in it” ie preparing your food with love….. It made me think about creating a great work of art… music, film, visual art (most of my friends at the time were painters and /or poets) it didn’t matter the medium they all shared the same process.. the artist had to make a commitment to the work, be passionate, and almost fight to see their work come to life. This is the idea behind LUV4ART… put some LUV into your work!!!!!
LUV4ART Family
Akil Bakari- Founder/Creative Director
Cliff Jean- Director/Editor
Din. J Bonny- Features Editor/Publicity
Josh Wingate-Video Production