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Mela Machinko – What You Want Me To Do (I’m Sorry)

Mela Machinko releases “What You Want Me To Do (I’m Sorry)” in anticipation of her upcoming project “Hov Said It Best”.

Mela Machinko has released her anticipated track “What You Want Me To Do (I’m Sorry)”. Machinko provides audiences with a fun and quirky dedication to Jay-Z’s feature on Mya’s “Best of Me” using Jay-Z lyrics as the inspiration to tell her own story with her unforgettable and distinct voice. In this clever and innovative way, Mela allows listeners to be involved in the song in an unprecedented style.

“What You Want Me To Do”, produced by Eric G. of 9th Wonder’s Soul Council, is the first song from the soon to be released “Hov Said It Best”. With successful features on Pharoahe Monch’s “Push” and ‘Shine”, Joe Budden’s “Inseparable”, Talib Kweli’s “Hostile Gospel”, numerous features with Jean Grae, as well as the classic summer anthem “Now I’m Being Cool” on the 9th Wonder album “The Wonder Years”, Mela Machinko has consistent presence and sound on the Hip Hop & Urban scene. Using Jay-Z references and interpreting his lyrics while molding them into her own original songs, Ms. Machinko’s first offering reminds us how infused our everyday speech is with hip hop culture, and specifically her own, with Jay-Z lines.

“Hov Said It Best” is being released soon via W.A.R Media/SoulSpazm.

RAYE 6 “Not Gonna Be (Forever)”

A Loft Boys Media Group & S. French Production
Not Gonna Be (Forever)
Directed by Raye 6 & F. Agyapong Filmed by F. Agyapong
Edited by Birhan “Royal Ras” Tonge

Download “Not Gonna Be (Forever)” by Raye 6 on Itunes

Hair & Makeup by Marcus Simms
Styling by Trish Ramado
Jewelry by Pearl Naidoo
Clothing by CKdout
Clothing by Henrioci

Special thank you to Rob Lee Sims

Nemiss- Paint a Picture

I so proud to finally present this music video for Nemiss- Paint a Picture. First off this was a big production compared to our usual guerrilla/run and gun style productions. The majority of the scenes were shot on the first day in an art gallery in Dumbo Brooklyn (Dave Shelley United Photo Industries). I have to thank all of the staff involved in the production… especially Rashid Mausi, Cliff Jean, Josh Wingate.. they really made the day run smooth… it could have been pure chaos. There was a stylist, make up, body painter, actors, dancers, extras, PA’s.. just people all over the place lol. Again not really my kind of production… I firmly believe in less is more.

On the other hand.. it’s always good to collaborate with other creative minds to see what you can create as a collective force… the team beats the individual every time. That’s what I’ve learned about making films/videos.. it takes a group of people to really bring it home. Not like music where you can basically produce complete albums in your bedroom by yourself lol.

The big production also gave me some creative tools that I haven’t been able to do in a music videos before this one… (1) the dancers.. I have always wanted to collaborate with dancers..any opportunity to get more dancing in music videos I’m down. (2) the Stylist Kizzy brought a full wardrobe and accessories for Nemiss and the dancers… she told me she wanted to “take it there”.. so I wanted to give her the freedom to explore different looks.. I love the final result… she did a great job. (3) Working with trained actors.. Che’s scenes were shot pretty quickly a lot of times he got the scene in 1-2 takes… it made the second day of production lot easier. I want to shoot more short films with more serious actors in the near future.

thanks again to everyone involved in the production it may sound cliche’ but we really wouldn’t have been able to bring it home without all the extra help.


Akil “AK-47″ Bakari

Paint a Picture

featuring Chris Rob and Chesney Snow
Produced by- Chris Rob and DJ Spinna
Mix Engineer- Shuhei Hayashi

Video Credits

Directed by Akil Bakari
Shot and Edited by AK-47
1st AD/Producer- Cliff Jean-
Location Manager/Producer- Rashid Mausi –
Key Grip/Set Design- Josh Wingate- Key Grip/Set Design

Lead Actor Che Belmond as The Artist
Painting by Marthalicia Matarrita
Special thanks to Dave Shelley United Photo Industries Location,
Stylist/Wardrobe- Kizzy Knight-
MUA/Designer- Kenyatta Joi

Lauren DeVeaux (FELA caste),
Fatima Friday
Lindsay Hall
Nicole Frye
Nicole Von Arx
Renee Settle
Courtney Sauls.

Hawthorne Headhunters – If You Were My Baby

Black Spade and Coltrane are back at it with visuals for their latest song If You Were My Baby.

more info: Hawthorne Headhunters –

PHONTE ft. EVIDENCE & BIG K.R.I.T. – The Life Of Kings

Phontigallo gets a little help from MomTigallo in the official video for “The Life Of Kings”.

Phonte ft. Evidence & Big K.R.I.T.
Produced by 9th Wonder
Directed by Kenneth Price
Charity Starts At Home
+FE Music 2012

THEESatisfaction- QueenS

This is a beautiful video by Dream Hampton… it’s like a celebration of black women with natural hair up in that party. All LUV!!!

Directed by: dream hampton

Get awE naturalE

Promises Naya Tabia feat Vaygez Blakk (Official Video Remix)

Check out a good friend of the LUV4ART Family Naya Tabia in this remake of the Mary J Blige record “Promises”. This video reminds of some of the classic Mary videos from back in the day. I’m really proud of Naya and Vaygez Blakk in this one… you ladies are shining!!!!

Video by Diamond Etched Films
StrongArm/Realz Recordz

D Black- No Ordinary Love

D- Black
No Ordinary Love
Carte Blanc
Produced by illmind

Video Credits

Executive Producers- Donte Blackwell and Akil Bakari

Director/Cinematographer- Akil Bakari

1st AD/Editor- Cliff Jean

Key Grip- Josh Wingate

MUA/Styling for the Bride- Rava Blackwell

The Bride- Majine Marcelin

no ordinary 1

no ordinary 2

no ordinary 3

no ordinary 4

no ordinary 5

Alice Smith Look 66: The Ross

Alice Smith channels her inner Diana Ross in the short clip to promote her song Cabaret.

Featuring “Cabaret” from Alice Smith’s EP Coming 2012

Gregory Porter – Be Good, Lion’s Song

I remember the first time I felt loved by another woman outside the women in my family. It was soft, sweet, care free, etc etc etc…but more important I was shareing that feeling with another person, so it made it memorable. I was young and things were new and fresh with no or very few a motoional politics. I am older now, I’ve lost loves and found politics in everthing I do. So falling in love for me now is for fools and suckers. But there are moments when I remember being in love and the thing that stork that is this beauiful video dircted by Pierre Bennu a filmmaker. Gregory Porter who I think worte one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. Shot in Baltimore,he used the commuity to be part of the film. This is when art and magic get together to creat a love song for lovers. “and yes I want there”

I would say more but the video say it all