Ras Majesty and the New Vibrations Band


Brooklyn is filled with new and refreshing artists. You can discover new talent everyday just going into a lounge or checking any local concert venues. It was a night filled with clear skies and great vibes when I happen to walk into Drom on December 22 and heard a great band called Ras Majesty and the New Vibrations Band.  I was hooked and then began my obsession.  I started checking their webpage everyday for an update on new music. So comes the new, inspiring single Pik We Up from the upcoming album.

The main singer Ras Majesty aka Ty hails from The Bay Area in California and has a voice reminiscent of a young Bob Marley and the conscious words of K’naan. Ty, is a self taught musician, ranging from drums, keys, to guitar. His laid back upbringing of the Cali way and his Hawaiian heritage, reflects in his music and brings roots and self awareness to the mass.


Pik We Up was inspired by Ty’s first encounter of being in a new big city with out his close friends from California near but always maintaining his positivity with the most high by his side. The single inspires you to get up no matter how down you feel, which is the perfect antidote of being in a fast and sometimes cold city. Its a warm cup of coffee or a morning prayer to get you started off on a good note. Written and Produced by Ty, this is the beginning of a bright career for Ras Majesty. He will surely Pik Us Up!



Suede Jenkins - Evryminute

Suede Jenkins – Evryminute

New Music for 2014 from my brother Suede Jenkins. Future Soul at it’s best!! Check out more from Suede on his sound cloud page. He drops gems on a regular basis… the most consistent artist ever!!! Let’s Go!!

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Mela Machinko - 9am Blues

Mela Machinko – 9am Blues

Written entirely by Mela Machinko*
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mr. Len**
Released December 20, 2013

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Nemiss - Anything Is Possible

Nemiss – Anything Is Possible

Since we started recording this song… the title has become a personal mantra. Like can we do __________? Anything is Possible!! I have wanted to hear a collaboration with Suede and Nemiss for while now. When the time was right.. it seemed like everything just fell into place. Here Nemiss is expanding her sound with more of a futuristic sound, and lush vocals. Look for more to come in 2014!! Also look for a video with the “LUV4ART” treatment… soon come!!!

Produced by Suede Jenkins
Written and Performed by Nemiss
Mixed by Shuhei Hayashi

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They say that love is a verb and an expression from the deepest part of your soul.

Art  can reawaken our dreams

The mad man’s way of making sense of the world.

Love and Art

Are they the same? Combined are they lethal? I have learned that to Love Art you have to be free in all aspects of your life.

It is a restoration of dreams lost in the outer depth of our memories.

Art is a complex motion that moves around the world in different shapes, spirits, and entities.

I have never tried to suppress my art. I work in a corporate world…in corporate america. My being, my physical and spiritual being  is not…I am a flower child with bushy hair …I wear ankh earrings…my presence is of regal.


How do I survive? I speak with respect. I walk with a crown. I smile with sincerity.

In this day in age…people all want to be artists…they think it is the hip thing to now be a photographer…or a writer aka a blogger.

It isn’t freedom. They are trapped…why?

Reason: Art is the truth…it is love. It is a mirror that sometimes show the ugly side. You struggle. You cry. You lose yourself only to rediscover yourself.

The challenge is to maintain that love and hate and to grow with it. With out limitations.  It will hurt and it will make you want to give up.

Stay with it…Its therapy. It will bring you into the world of  sanity. You are not insane…They are.

Dont get trapped…Elevate with it. It is not what you wear…its your heart…Its…


Din Bonny




Penthouse Radio: Suede Jenkins

Penthouse Radio: Suede Jenkins

This past sunday the LUV4ART fam took a field trip to Penthouse Radio for an interview with Suede Jenkins. Din jumped on the mic at the beginning of the show with the lovely hosts Lelo and Jessie Rae… and she felt right at home. In the interview Suede talks about his influences, his creative process, and drops a couple verses for the listeners. I even made a brief return to radio to talk about LUV4ART…. good times!!! Thank you again ladies for having us!!!! Check out Penthouse Radio live on Sundays 7pm-9pm.

Penthouse Radio Tumblr

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D-Black Tunnel Vision

D-Black Tunnel Vision

My brother D-Black is back with a new single called Tunnel Vision. Black returns with more mature sound and a new perspective on the struggles in life. You can hear D-Black’s hunger, and determination in every word. I was in the studio for some of the sessions, and I can tell you this album is going to be good. Look for a video promo shot by yours truly coming soon!!!

D-Black Twitter

This Is The Dope - 3013

This Is The Dope – 3013

This Is The Dope is Black Spade, Teresa Jenee, and Indian Rome. I have already shown that I am a Super-Fan of Black Spade’s work… this EP project will definitely be added to the collection. This Is The Dope Ep is now available now on itunes check it out!!!

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Probe Rok -Summer Trouble

Probe Rok -Summer Trouble

Brand new single Summer Trouble from my brother Probe Rok… just in time for the last month of summer vibes. Probe is joined on the track by the lovely Sophia Lauren and the Incomparable Shakespere. This song as that easy breezy west coast feel to it… but maybe that’s just me. Look out for more joints from Probe and his Media Scheme family.

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Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk - Good Feeling

Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk – Good Feeling

I love classic funk music… serious fan here. The team of Dam-Funk and Steve Arrington (Slave) reminds me of classic west coast g-funk. It creates the kinda vibe that makes you want to throw ya “W” up and take a ride in Caprice!!! My OG’s know what I’m talking about lol. Alright enough daydreaming… just go pick up the album!!

Available at Stones Throw Records